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Topsham Ales Brewery

Topsham Ales is a micro-brewery with a difference; providing good quality ales whilst investing in the community and treading lightly on the earth. The brewery is a co-operative owned and run by members of the local community and our beers reflect Topsham’s rich heritage.

The brewery co-operative was successfully started in early 2010 with equipment purchased from a local brewer using funds from local shareholders. It was installed with their active support in newly refurbished premises within The Globe Hotel, look Topsham.

The community of Topsham is important to our members. So we aim to invest a percentage of our profits into social causes each year and use suppliers from as close as possible, tadalafil preferring the independents to the groups. Equally, the environment the community lives in is important so we make sure we are as resource efficient, non-polluting and low carbon as possible.

We are one of only a handful of community, co-operative breweries in the whole country.

What's brewing?!

What’s brewing?!

At work in the brewery

At work in the brewery